Squamish Streamkeepers Society


Some of us gravelling Horse Creek:

From left to right:  Scott Renyard, Meg Fellowes, Jack Cooley (co-chair and email/website communicator), Scott’s friend, Patrick McNamara, Dr. Jonn Matsen (co-chair and Herring co-ordinator), Brian Davies, Michael Matsen, Don Lawrence.

Currently, there are 123 email group members but many of these members don’t live in Squamish.  We are funded and guided by DFO: namely by Matt Foy, Sam Gidora, Corino Salomi, Chessy Knight, Dave Nanson and Rob Bell-Irving.

Our mission is twofold: 1) to maintain and enhance riparian habitat of our local streams so that fish, especially Salmon (adults, smolts, and fry), can navigate streams and successfully spawn; 2) to enhance then maintain Herring spawning habitat in the upper Howe Sound.