Ways of Maintaining and Enhancing the Habitats of Local Streams

Technically, streams are established through the convergence of groundwater and surface water. So, local people have the obligation of taking care of streams to ensure they provide them with clean and fresh water always. They can consider various ways of enhancing and maintaining the habitats of the local streams, such as the following.

Planting Trees

Local streams that are not near trees can get polluted easily and experience high temperatures. Once they reach this point, it means aquatic life and fish, such as salmon, will be at risk. So, the best thing to do is to consider planting trees around local streams so that salmon will be able to navigate. Local people need to come together and volunteer to plant as many trees as possible.

Protecting the Storm Drains

The pollutants which enter the storm drains may flow directly into local streams. These pollutants may include items such as the following:

  • Trash
  • Fertilizers
  • Oils
  • Sediments

Hence, a wise thing to do is to avoid pouring away chemicals that may go straight to local streams. In addition to that, farmers can use filters to clean any water that has chemicals in it. But if you have to use the chemicals, make sure you are careful when applying them. At the same time, be sure to keep yard chemicals and soaps away from the pavement.

Ensuring Septic Tanks are in Good Condition

Leaky septic tanks can be the reason for having E-coli bacteria in local streams. If these bacteria accumulate in the waterways, it means local people can be at risk of getting various diseases. Hence, it would be best to ensure your septic tank is in perfect condition. You should always seek help from an expert to help you determine the situation of the septic system.

Creating Riparian Buffers

Fringes of planted trees, grass, and shrubs alongside streams may be a perfect way of protecting the water sources. Buffering ensures that the quality of water is maintained. This is because sediments are filtered to keep water fresh and cool. Introducing buffers is an excellent way of regulating the flow of streams and stabilizing the water banks. So, ensure you use wider buffers to attract wildlife and encourage salmon to swim and breed successfully.


Local people have the role of enhancing the surroundings of streams to ensure water is fresh and high-quality. They can always consider ways, such as creating riparian buffers. With effective methods, it would be easy to maintain local streams.